Who sets your GPS? Are you in Control?

Control is an interesting thing. Being in control is gpsconsidered a good thing by most, while being out of control is a phrase we use when we feel like factors beyond our reach are making us feel disorganized and overwhelmed.

Being in control means we have taken ownership and responsibility for our choices. We don’t sit back and see where life is going to take us. We set the GPS, decide which route to take, respond to bumps or construction along the way and get through it, even if it means we are a little late to the party.

Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and let someone else do the navigating once and a while. But it is important that you stay in control and ultimately make the decision that is best for you. I remember an episode of the hit TV sitcom, Friends, where Rachel put Monica in charge of all of her love life decisions because she always made the wrong ones. While I remember the comedy behind the concept, as you can anticipate, this didn’t fair well for Rachel and she ultimately decided she needed to make her own decisions to be happy. Moral of the story, make sure you are ultimately the person making the decisions on what route to take.

As we approach a new year, think about the course that you have set for yourself. Who is setting your life GPS and what influences are you allowing to co-navigate? Make sure that regardless of your influences, you are the ultimate decision maker. If you are feeling a little out of control, sit down and plan a new route. No one said there is only one path, so don’t feel badly if you need to switch it up once and a while, that is what can make life exciting!