Treat yourself, don’t trick yourself… Chocolate isn’t a food group

Guilty as charged… for the two weeks post Halloween, chocolate is one of my main food groups.  However, to my defence, I don’t eat a lot of junk or chocolate at other times of the year, maybe just a little at Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter… ok, most holidays… I might just need to learn a few things to change my own habits. wellness-blog

A little indulgence once and awhile is ok. If you are at the point where junk food is starting to replace meals, then you have a very big problem and it might be time for a chocolate intervention!

Canada’s food guide recently received a major overhaul and now places an emphasis on more plant-based foods while toning down the previous guidelines for meat and dairy products.

Through the Canadian school system, Canada’s food guide has been a staple topic for teaching about healthy living. But as an adult, how often have you looked at how the guidelines have changed over the years or even paid much attention to them? If your answer is not often, now is the perfect time to get educated.  Visit to obtain the most recent version of the guide, take notice that chocolate didn’t get its own category.

We are not suggesting that you have to cut out all sweats and treats.  A moderate dose of your favourite indulgence is ok now and again. Just watch what habits you are forming and listen to your body. Personally, I am thankful that they started to make those mini-chocolate bars even smaller.