No policies = higher risks

Generally, if you are manager who likes a lot of structure and accountabilities, you love policies. If laissez-faire is more your style, than you probably don’t like things in writing or being forced to follow a certain procedure. In some cases, policies are necessary based on what the law tells us and sometimes policies are necessary to set a best practice standard and ensure organizational effectiveness.

In our opinion, policies play an important role in the workplace. Many employees depend on structure and want a written guideline of what is expected. If you find yourself sitting on the fence, understand the risks that could impact your workplace if you do not have a solid set of workplace policies.

Without documented policies, you may find yourself with a lack of compliance standards which results in the inability to hold employees accountable and ultimately, not much to measure in the way of performance. If employees have their own perceptions of operational effectiveness or interpretation of the rules, their behaviours and performance will vary and could lead to disjointed teams, operational inconsistencies and will likely decrease employee engagement.

Policies are also a great source of training materials. Without them, employees can be given contradictory direction from various managers or supervisors, again, leading to confusion in the workplace.


Another consideration to take is the risk of liability towards your organization, managers and supervisors. Without policies, and proof that you have implemented and followed-up on them, you are at risk both from a legal compliance perspective and possible civil liability. Polices can be the proof of your organization’s innocence.

The last risk, which can have tragic results, are the safety implications. Policies play a big role in safety culture and ensuring your employees are safe at work. Without them, employees may take risks and short cuts that can result in injury, illness or property damage. Policies can be a great tool for prevention.

Regardless of what your personal management style is, consider the overall needs of the organization and the risks associated if you do not have well written, communicated policies. If you need assistance with policy development or review, call Dunk & Associates, we can help.