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Training 24-7 is an affordable online training program which is available from any internet connection and offers courses in Health and Safety, Human Resources and Environmental. For individuals or businesses, this web-based program is designed specifically to provide training based on a user’s roles and responsibilities within an organization. When a business is too small to have in-house training, or too large to manage its own training, Training 24-7 makes compliance easy.

All subscriptions include:

Access to What You Need
Training is available 24-7. You can choose to learn what you want, when you want with access to our entire module library.
Over 70 Health & Safety Training Modules
Find what you need in our growing library. New courses added monthly. We’ll profile training to your job roles and responsibilities.
Expert Professionals
All modules are written by qualified health and safety professionals to meet the provincially-specific legislation and regulations
Variety of Instruction
Modules for all levels of employment such as supervisors and workers to teach the skills, techniques, strategies, and knowledge to work safely.
On-the-go learning
Watch from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Switch back and forth as you choose.
Training is interactive and engaging with activities and tests throughout the training to keep interest, retain information and apply what’s learnt.